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Children’s Day Special: Shah Rukh Khan reveals his naughty habits from childhood


Children’s Day Special: Shah Rukh Khan reveals his naughty habits from childhood

Our childhood will always be the most memorable time of our life. We have all been very naughty and had some or the other mischievous habits in our childhood. We all miss those memorial time and today on Children’s Day we bring up to some naughty and mischevious habit of Shah Rukh Khan from his childhood.

Shah Ruh Khan was a very mischievous kid in his childhood. He is very fond of comics and in an interview, the actor had once revealed how as a child he used to borrow money from his friends and family to buy comics. He said “I remember borrowing money from friends and relatives to buy my favorite Lotpot comics and it’s so good to see the characters come to life. I was so fond of them. In fact, I like cartoons so much that even after a tiring day at work, I go back home and watch pre-recorded cartoons before going to bed,

shah Rukh KHAN childhood

Apart from this, he would love to ring other peoples doorbell “I don’t know whether kids do it today, but please don’t ban me from saying this. When we used to live in flats, two bad things that I used to do was firstly ring the other person’s bell and run away,

Well, any more guesses of how mischievous King Khan could get than wait for his last confession. “The second thing we used to do was explode people’s letter-boxes by keeping crackers in it. I remember, we used to live on the third floor and there used to be a girl on the fourth floor, whom everybody used to like. So once I exploded her letter-box as well.”

Well nobody could have ever imaged such a mischievous child behind this Bholi Si Surat!

Let us know in the comments below what was your mischievous habit from childhood.

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