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When a Salman Khan fan threatened to commit SUICIDE!

Salman Khan


When a Salman Khan fan threatened to commit SUICIDE!

Yes, we know what you read in the headline and we assure you that we are not making this up (Not us, at least) but this case of a Salman Khan reportedly really happened and if those same reports are to go by, they can send a chill up your spine.

Stardom, while it may come with many benefits, can also come with serious downsides, and in the case of the Tiger Zinda Hai star it holds all the more true, for saying that he merely has a lot of fans would be an understatements, for he has fanatics who can be as crazy as it gets and even probably have a psychological condition.

It so happened that just a few days ago, a (seemingly lunatic) woman reportedly ended up on the front gates of Khans’ Galaxy Apartments and started banging it. What’s more disturbing is that she was armed with four iron skewers. She probably wouldn’t have got inside had one of the guards not taken a break and the other one new to the job.

So, the opportunistic lady got an entry and before the new guy could have time to process and react, she had already began taking frantic strides towards the terrace, while banging the doors and howling all the way, until it all caught the attention of Khans’ cook, who too was late to react as before he could make sense of the noise, she was already on her way to the terrace while howling  “Salman Khan is my husband.” All the way. On top of that, the lady, who was armed with enough to do anything unholy, began threatening to end her life.

But, thankfully, reportedly a fire brigade arrived on the scene and escorted the fan girl away.

Phew! Looks like that new guard is going to have a time of his life.

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