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Tubelight is inspired by this Hollywood movie


Tubelight is inspired by this Hollywood movie

The teaser of Salman Khan’s Tubelight just made it to the web last night. In this, Salman Khan plays a man whose mind is very young for his age. His brother, Sohail Khan is a soldier of the Indian Army who goes missing during the Indo-Sino War.

In the teaser, you also catch a glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi and a magician that we spotted mid-video who is being speculated to be Shah Rukh Khan. The story revolves around Salman Khan’s search for his lost brother and his belief that he can literally move mountains if the need arises. Don’t believe us? Here’s the teaser for you all, just in case you didn’t catch it last night:

Looking at this teaser, we thought to ourselves: Oh my god! This is the exact replica of the 2015 Hollywood flick Little Boy! Watch the trailer below to see why we think so:

See the similarities? Salman Khan and the main lead of Little Boy have the same character (that of a special boy with special abilities) who have the same kind of situation (a family member going missing during the war). On top of that, both the characters leave for the same kind of journey (in search of their lost beloved) around which the story is built.

Little Boy had flopped at the box office, so we hope that Salman Khan’s Tubelight doesn’t have the same fate.

What do you think? Do drop in your thoughts.

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