Fashion Faux Pas: Three strikes and Kiran Rao is out!

Fashion plays an essential role, especially when you’re in the limelight. All of Bollywood goes leaps and bounds to make sure they don’t commit a fashion faux pas. Kiran Rao, wife of one of one of the biggest actors in the industry, and a leading film producer herself does not shine the brightest when it comes to fashion.

In an industry where looks are a major priority, its upsetting to see a leading lady get it so wrong – not once or twice but three times over! Kiran Rao, always goes for the comfortable-fashion factor but then muddles it up one way or another! We saw three avatars of this ace screenwriter, Indian film producer and director recently and all that went through our minds was

Strike 1 – Strike 2 – Strike 3! You’re Out!

Strike 1 – MAMI Monochrome 


Kiran Rao was seen in loose white pants with withered edges. She teamed it up with a basic black sleeveless top along with an Army medal-like badge. Although it’s very hard to mess up a mono chrome look, her clothes did not to justice to either her body or the event she was attending. Her outfit aside, Kiran’s Ikat fabric shoes are something we’re definitely swooning over!

Strike 2 – Tie it Up!


Kiran always seems to get her footwear oh-so-right but this outfit? Not so much. Long, loose silhouettes don’t do much good for her body. But the off-shoulder, ribbon tie-up was definitely the only trendy saving grace of this outfit.

Strike 3 – Rugged Pink 


A pink so not right for the night and the ruggedness that didn’t do Kiran Rao’s body any good. This makeshift dress (as we like to call it) was not the best pick for her body type. But yet again, this producer-lady did it so right with those trendy white kicks!

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