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Singer Abhijeet suffers from verbal diarrhea, again!


Singer Abhijeet suffers from verbal diarrhea, again!

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya has been asking for a complete ban on Pakistani artists in India for a long time now. Abhijeet has been highly active on the micro-blogging website, twitter and takes to it for unnecessary rants on any certain topic that comes to his mind.


However, in the wake of recent outrage against Pakistani artists the man touched a new low (even by his own standards) when he made a joke on Karan Johar’s depression by calling him “Mrs Karan Johar Khan” for supporting Pakistani artists. The comment was not just on Karan Johar but was also on the LGBT community.


As expected he just did not stop there.


Once a Salman Khan fan, Abhijeet also turned against him for supporting Pakistani artists and accused the actor of promoting “terrorism”.


Get well soon Abhijeet, that’s all we can say!

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