Katrina lied about her age on KWK?

Last week Katrina Kaif made an appearance on Koffee with Karan alongside Anushka Sharma and the episode was a crazy one. We did notice a small glitch in one of her stories, though. Katrina said that Varun Dhawan was spotted by Salman while they were taking a walk at Bandstand and Salman got annoyed with Varun. During the story, she claimed she was just 17-years-old back then and we sat down with our calendars and calculators to find out how true she really was.

She claimed she was walking with Salman when this incident took place which means that it was at least 2004. Katrina came to India and did the movie ‘Boom’ which released in 2003. She basically got noticed post-2003. Even if she started dating Salman from 2004, her claim on KWK was that she was 17 in 2004. This means that she is currently 29-years-old!

In an interview with a leading daily back in 2010, she mentioned that she was 8-years-old when the Berlin wall fell. According to history, the Berlin wall fell in 1989 which would make Katrina’s birth year 1981. This means that she was 23 when she was walking with Salman and Varun checked her out. Also, Varun Dhawan is born in 1987 and there is no way that they are of the same age. But on record, she has previously mentioned that she is born in 1984. No wonder Deepika wanted to check out her passport during.

Excerpt from her  previous interview:

Interviewer: How old were you (when you shifted to Poland)?

Katrina: About 8. After France, Switzerland ‘ and I’m cutting out many East European countries where we were for only a few months each ‘ then Poland, in Krakow. Since I’ve seen so many huge, huge drastic things, my mind has become a little bit like, there are sections, and I rarely tap into those sections because there is too much information to comprehend. I think it was sometime around the Berlin Wall fell, I remember the sense of extreme depression and misery over the whole city and the image of everyone waiting in line for bread, that was the situation at that time, that image has stayed in my head for ever. After that we went to Belgium, then to Hawaii, which was a short time, and then came to London, and then we were there for about three years. But because my mother is originally from Bath, which is in the UK, people always have this thing that I grew up in London. Which is funny, because I have only spent all of three years there.

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