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Has The Fate Of The Furious turned into an Abbas-Mustan film?


Has The Fate Of The Furious turned into an Abbas-Mustan film?

It has been a little over a week that the latest outing from the Fast And The Furious franchise, The Fate Of The Furious has been reigning over the worldwide box office. The recent offering from the owners of the franchise has knitted in its fabric some really jaw-dropping twists and turns.

But, Bollywood buffs like us will instantly relate to the directorial duo, Abbas Mustan, who have mastered the art of putting us through mind-scrambling twists way before the idea of the franchise crossed the minds of the makers from the west. We will be giving out spoilers here, so read on at your own risk.

The film starts with Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) having their shot at a peaceful life somewhere in South America (Cuba). But soon enough, Dom confronts the mysterious Cipher(Charlize Theron), a terrifyingly manipulative hacker who has some kind of leverage on Dom, who puts his family first.

In a matter of no time, Dominic flicks an important piece of technology which he was supposed to acquire for his cop friend Luke Hobbs(Dwayne Johnson) and goes rogue. It is only when Dominic boards Cipher’s untraceable plane when we get to know the REAL reason behind it all. Turns out, Dominic has a SON from his ex-beau Elena, who he was involved with in one of the previous movies, until the makers magically resurrected Letty!(A specialty of the franchise. No one is really dead!)

Soon, we get another surprise that Owen Shaw, as you have already guessed it, is alive and kicking! And is all about helping Dom with the help of his brother Decker Shaw(Jason Statham) with a parallel plan which has been orchestrated with the mother of the Shaw brothers (We are still wondering how did that happen!) which will save his son and his family. In the end, good wins over and all are safe, and Cipher goes rogue.(See you in the next movie, Charlize!) Such kinds of twists have Abbas Mustan written all over them!

In the end, the good and the evil(like we needed to mention that) battle it out over one of the iciest terrains on the planet. It is probably the FIRST thin-ice landscape where a Lamborghini will sink the moment it tilts a bit, but a tank can cruise through (while it fires a ton of missiles in an avalanche-prone area) with no problem at all. Logic had been kissed goodbye here.

In the end, you will be put through a roller coaster ride all throughout and every time you will question if a character dies, except one that we all know about.

Overall, way too many twists and turns and very surprising (or unsurprising, rather) appearances by all involved. The Fast And Furious franchise makers must be thinking that no one in the movie industry has attempted this at all. However, they are forgetting that there are two people (who are always dressed in white) in the Bollywood scene who have been making such movies since time immortal.

We wonder, now that the Shaw brothers are alive, could there be a “surprise” resurrection of Giselle? (Gal Gadot) so that she could avenge the death of her lover(Who might also join in the second half)? Only time shall tell. Not the first time we would have seen a twist like this one.

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