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How ‘dharmik’ is the Bigg Boss ‘dharam guru’!


How ‘dharmik’ is the Bigg Boss ‘dharam guru’!

Dharam Guru Om Ji Maharaj is among the commoner contestants in ‘Bigg Boss 10’. Every season, before the contestants enter the Bigg Boss house, Salman Khan interacts with them. Swami Omji Maharaj too had a chat with the superstar host before he was sent inside the house. Swamiji told Salman that, “Bharat ke hith ke liye main aapka vivaah ek sukanya se karwaane waala hoon. Aap nahi bhi karna chahenge toh bhi karwaaoonga.” Wow! Looks like Swamiji has finally found the right match for Salman! This is not the first time Swamiji has graced the small screen with his presence. Dharam Guru Om Ji Maharaj was invited on IBN7 news channel recently for the show ‘Aaj Ka Mudda’ with his fellow astrologer, Deepa Sharma and this is what he did! What happened there shows us that Baba has a violent streak, and doesn’t mind hitting women either! We hope he doesn’t try his antics with Bani J, ’cause we know, she CAN whoop his a**!

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