Brosnan for Pan Bahar? 007 is now just 00!

Pierce Brosnan – a symbol of stealth and valor has now got us saying, WTF!!?? The four-time James Bond star had us in wide-eye wonder with his latest advertisement choice. Known for his charisma and undying charm on the ladies, Pan Bahar now decided to take that element  and uplift this very portrayal as a symbol of success and victory (as is every Pan Bahar consumer, ever!) The entire ad film created by DDB Mudra has the feel of a classic Bond film plus the exaggerated extravagance of the little blue tin can AKA Pan Bahar Pan Masala.

Bond style moves, attractive women and Pierce Brosnan was this Pan Bahar’s perfect recipe for a successful advertisement? We don’t think so. This ad is facing more flack for just having the Bond star Pierce Brosnan in it than its ridiculously unrealistic depiction of the ideal ‘Pan Bahar man’. Brosnan has surely lost at least 236826 bucket loads of credibility after agreeing to do an ad film that could be equated with one of those south-Indian-fake-matrix-movies-involving-fake-ninjas, except that fake ninjas were actually a part of this ad film.

All we can really say is Pan Bahar actually works – If Pierce Brosnan can be convinced to advertise it, you can conquer the world with it too! And if nothing else, the ad film does teach you how knock a dude down with just a little tin can – so I guess it’s not such a bad situation after all!

For all those who haven’t seen the ad yet, here’s a link to the craziness!

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