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Bigg Boss 11: Is Zubair Khan now going to worry Salman Khan?

Zubair Khan Salman Khan Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss 11: Is Zubair Khan now going to worry Salman Khan?

The controversial show Bigg Boss 11 and its most havoc-creating contestant till date, Zubair Khan, are somebody that the world is well aware of by now. Right from his foul language to his half-suicide attempt during his ouster and even an open defamation letter of the show and to our beloved Salman Khan, Bigg Boss fanatics know about it all!

But now, looks like Zubair is really going to land up on the wrong side of our Bhaijaan after the statements he has made recently.

In an interview with a tabloid, the made the following SHOCKING statements!

First, he said, “Mujhe Salman wapis bulara tha, main nikal ke aaya hoon. Mujhe bulare the aap aaiye, sir aapko paise milenge mujhe double triple nahi chahiye, tel lene gaye. Main thookta hoon aese paiso pe jaha kisi majab ka, kisi community ka mazak udaya jaayega.” (Salman was calling me back on the show. He told me you come back you will get money, I said I don’t want double or triple the money. I spit on such money, which pokes fun at a community.)

To this, he added,  “The contract was of two years. I would have gotten Rs 25,000 every week. After two years, I would have gotten Rs 50,000 every month. Free ka paisa kisko bura lagta hai!”

The ex-contestant, who shows no sign of deterrence in going up against SALMAN KHAN, said,  “Leke jaunga bhai, wo bhagwan thodi hai bhai woh Vivek Oberoi ko ghar pe baithaenga, Arijit Singh ko film se nikalenga. Bhai mere paas khone ke liye kuch nahi hai, Salman Ke paas bahot kuch hai.” (Salman is not God, he will make Vivek Oberoi sit at home, he will remove Arijit Singh from a movie, I do not have anything to loose. But Salman Khan has a lot at stake.)

Wow! Those are really some strong statements that the man has chosen to make.

We wonder now what’s really going to happen. Zubair bhai, kindly avoid the sidewalk for some time!

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