Arrest RJ Pritam cause he just Commited the Biggest Fashion Crime!

Known for his various shenanigans on Bigg Boss season 8, super spunky RJ Pritam Singh AKA Pritam Pyare recently hurt our visual sense a little more than usual when we spotted him at Kashmira Shah’s directional film debut “Come Back to Me”. Mr Pritam Pyare steps in a little too late on the camouflage fashion trend, and it doesn’t just stop there. His addition of a rather glossy leather jacket to the completely mismatched pants and t-shirt was only the beginning of the cringe fest his photo put us through. While the clear aviators just passed the threshold for trendy, the other elements of his attire were a big no-no. Just like his shoes, slip-ons with a pop of red? Really, Pritam?

While his outfit in entirety looked way mismatched per se, he did manage to match the shade of Olive Green on his shirt, pants AND shoes almost perfectly – kudos to that!


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