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Raazi: Alia Bhatt’s journey as Sehmat is a MUST WATCH!



Raazi: Alia Bhatt’s journey as Sehmat is a MUST WATCH!

Being an actor is not as easy a task as it may seem to be from the outset. With every new film, the people who are facing the camera have to go through a different set of experiences to understand the mindset of their characters and their motivations to be completely able to nail it.

This also holds particularly true for one of the youngest and the most talented actors we have today, which is Alia Bhatt, who could be seen going through intense training in Morse code and hand-to-hand combat for her upcoming film, Raazi. One would clearly say that Bhatt here has gone through it all to give the director Meghna Gulzar the best possible version of her protagonist!

Check out the sheer determination with which the Brahmastra star slipped into the skin of the person who is a wife, a daughter and a SPY!

Check it out right here;

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