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Kalki Koechlin: We are deafened by the silence of our own voice


Kalki Koechlin: We are deafened by the silence of our own voice

Kalki Koechlin delivered yet another gripping video on World Music Day, and it’s even better than her previous work called The Printing Machine that went viral last year. We live in a world where noise has ingrained itself so deeply into our lives that silence has begun to make us uneasy. We crave noise that drowns out the noise of others, and sometimes, even that of our own mind. In the era of social media, noise isn’t just limited to sound, explains Kalki Koechlin in her new slam poetry video entitled Noise.

The video is in collaboration with Culture Machine’s YouTube channel Blush and is a brilliant take on the 21st century individual. The video shows us glimpses of Mumbai city while Kalki Koechlin takes us on a journey that is not just personal to her, but also resonates with each one of us.

Through her poetry, Kalki Koechlin highlights the misogyny that is the only constant in this world of variants, gripping our society by its roots. The amalgamation of the sounds of different religions coming together and mixing with that of the rest of the morning world is also brilliantly portrayed in this work. As a whole, it urges the viewer to put aside their social ties and drown themselves in the real noise that screams to be heard.

Theatre, films, and now slam poetry. Is there anything that Kalki can’t do?

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