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Sachin Review: An emotional rollercoaster you cannot miss!

Written Review

Sachin Review: An emotional rollercoaster you cannot miss!

Movie: Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Cast: Sachin Tendulkar, Mayur More

Director: James Erskine

Production Company: 200 Not Out Production

Sachin: A Billion Dreams takes you through the journey of the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and shows you how he became one of the most celebrated sportsmen of our country.

The movie is a documentary drama which takes us back in time to Sachin’s formative years. Here, we’d witness the discovery of Sachin by his brother Ajit Tendulkar. Knowing the potential his brother had, he recommended his name to Coach Ramakant Achrekar to train him in cricket.

Sachin made it to the newspapers by setting a world record via a 664-run partnership with co-player Vinod Kambli as batsmen for Shardashram Vidya Mandir in a match against St. Xavier’s during the Harris Shield Cricket Tournament back in 1988. This marked the beginning of the journey of the legend.

The film is most certainly going to make all the 90’s kids nostalgic as they are going to witness certain iconic moments that we bring up in our conversations whenever we speak of the master blaster. I’m talking about the moments ranging from those glorious moments where India was led to victory to the ones which made up for a pretty dark time for the Indian cricket.

It’s one thing when Sachin talks about his dreams and aspirations and a completely another experience to hear cricketers such as M.S Dhoni and Virat Koli talk about him in a completely mesmerized manner.You’d also get an insight into the family life of the cricketing legend via his home videos. These little snippets will show you the kind of man he is off the ground.

On top of that, you’d be instantly filled with a sense of pride when international personalities like Ricky Ponting talks about the kind of inspiration Sachin was to him. Also, Wasim Akram’s recollection of his first encounter with teenage Sachin managed to put up a wide smile on our faces.

We can keep talking about this spectacular documentary drama endlessly, but we’d rather have you watch the film and decide for yourself.

After the end credits roll up, you will know Sachin like you have never known him before. The movie has a lot to offer. A great piece of work by James Erskine!

Our Verdict: This is a must watch film for a Cricket/Sachin fanatic. Even if you’re not so deeply connected with the sport as we are, we would still recommend you to watch this film as it puts across a message that sincere work pays off handsomely in the end.

Our Review: 3.5 Stars!

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