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Review: Phullu, A Must Watch For All!

Movie: Phullu

Cast: Sharib Hashmi, Jyoti Sethi, Inaamulhaq, Nutan Surya

Director/Writer: Abhishek Saxena/Shaheen Iqbal

Producers: Kshitij Chaudhary, Pushpa Chaudhary, Anmol Kapoor, Raman Kapoor, Priyesh Srivastava

Phullu (Sharib Hashmi) is an altruistic good for nothing who frequently visits the city in order to get the ladies of his village everything that they want and does not even take a penny in return. Due to this particular behavior, his mother gets him married thinking that he will become mature, responsible and finally get a job after that. After his marriage, he discovers the concept of menstruation and how the women of his village generally resort to the use of cloth in that situation instead of the recommended sanitary pad, thinking that its usage is merely a luxury reserved for the rich. Understanding their pain and difficulties, Phullu takes up a job in a pad making company in the city with the sole aim of being able to make them on his own one day and make the lives of the women back home easier and break the taboo surrounding the natural process of menstruation. Will he be able to do it? Will he succeed in his quest of making lives a little bit easier for women?

The movie, right from the beginning to the end, is a well-crafted masterpiece. The director has beautifully displayed the kind of reactions that people give towards even a mere mention of the word ‘periods’ in public, which goes on to show the kind of unspeakable thing we have turned it into over the course of time. Sharib Hashmi’s portrayal of a good-hearted village comes across as really authentic. The manner in which he gains an understanding of menstruation and the importance of sanitary pads is well paced and beautifully directed. The dialogues are well written which incorporates a few, but very entertaining word plays.

Jyoti Sethi, who plays Phullu’s better half, puts up a spectacular act as an ever supporting wife right till the very end. She plays her part with a kind of authenticity that only a few have ever been able to bring in their characters in the history of cinema. We couldn’t think of anyone better to play this role!

The talented and versatile Inaamulhaq had a special appearance in the film, and for what little screen time he was given, we couldn’t take our eyes off the man. We just wish that his character was given a little bit more of screen time and importance in the story. There is nothing more we could have asked for.

Other supporting characters of the film have also done a very convincing job in their respective parts.

The film ends on a hopeful note. You get a sense all the responsibilities that have suddenly come upon the once happy-go-lucky Phullu, and you have faith that come what may, he will do whatever it takes to succeed in his mission. The film’s end was realistic and hard hitting and we feel that the writer couldn’t have concluded the film in a better way.

Although the film talks about the social stigma which surrounds the whole issue, it is in no way preachy. This film is clearly going to go down as one of the best pieces of work done by the lead characters and the makers of the film. As an Indian, I am very proud of the actors and makers for their decision of making this eye-opener of a film. If you’re have been looking for a meaningful movie with great dialogues and some world-class performances, Phullu is the one you should not miss.

Our Rating: 3.5 Stars

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