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Poster Boys review: You’ll laugh till the very end!

Movie: Poster Boys

Cast: Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Shreyas Talpade, Sonali Kulkarni, Samiksha Bhatnagar

Director: Shreyas Talpade

Producers: Vijayta Films

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Poster Boys tells the story of a retired army man (Sunny Deol), a school teacher (Bobby Deol) and a recovery agent (Shreyas Talpade), who suffer from great personal losses and humiliation after they find their pictures on a poster in which they are promoting nasbandi (vasectomy), even though they never got themselves involved in it. This forces them to fight for what they have lost due to the mishap. The way in which how they fight for their “manhood” will remind you a little bit of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Shreyas Talpade has done a pretty good job as a first time director. The film aptly touches on the social taboo that comes with the whole idea of vasectomy. It addresses the problem faced by the leads without wasting any time. Also, the manner in which everybody reacts to the poster of the three promoting the procedure is unfortunately how people think about it in real life.

Sunny’s army man is a guy who tries to keep his anger issues under control and has a thing for selfies with pouts. His performance is right from the heart and you get to see that in every single frame. You will cry when he cries, you will laugh when he laughs and that is one of the things that will keep you glued.

Bobby Deol plays a professor who forgets his sentences mid-way, which is kind of silly but funny because of the situation. He keeps losing hold of his character at regular intervals, but it never really bothers you. His habit of keeping records of EVERYTHING will make you laugh. Shreyas Talpade has some really funny and endearing moments, but also a little bit of overacting, which in fact works for his character. Some of the best comic moments are delivered by him and his sidekicks, who make us laugh uncontrollably with their innocent stupidity. Although the three leads may have their flaws, they are great together, but, their wives are even better. In front of them, the male leads look like a bunch of extras. Well done, ladies!

The dialogues are smartly written, and, we thought that there could only be so many ways that one can joke about vasectomy, but this film proved us wrong. Every time you will find yourself laughing harder than the previous time someone took a dig at the plight of the three. The film accurately shows how the government behaves, but when it came to the point where the government officials learn about an ongoing protest, everything is way too hurried up and, before we know it, we are suddenly into the conclusion where it gets a little bit preachy, which was needed, because there are some issues that you can only address directly. At certain points, the jokes seemed way too unfunny and simply artificial. But thankfully, there have only been a total of two times when that happened.

Overall, the film may have its shortcomings, you will leave the auditorium with a big smile!

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