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Pari review: this one will LEAVE YOU DISTURBED!


Written Review

Pari review: this one will LEAVE YOU DISTURBED!

Movie: Pari

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Parambrata Chatterjee, Mansi Multani

Director: Prosit Roy

Producer: Clean Slate Films

Rating: 3/5 Stars

It had almost become a norm for Hindi filmmakers to go ahead with the tried-and-crashed formula of terrible overdramatic acting, unintentionally comical twists and either a Sunny Leone or a Zareen Khan at the centre of it all. But, not Anushka Sharma’s choice for her third production, Pari. This one here is gutsy, bold, gory and utterly disturbing, and we mean it all in a good way!

Let’s get to chase now, shall we? The film begins on a rather innocent note as you see Bengali sensation Parambrata Chatterjee succumb to the norm of an arranged marriage and kick off the process of getting acquainted with his prospective bride (no points for guessing who that is). But, what sets the blood, gore and the spook in motion when on their way back, the father-son duo hit an old woman.

As far as performances are concerned, Anushka Sharma has given us enough reasons to forgive her for Jab Harry Met Sejal as she is in top form as the uncivilised Rukhshana. From the beginning to the end, she is grisly, charming and mesmerising as the vicious and vile protagonist.

Rajat Kapoor too deserves as a special mention here as the leader of a clan full of determined exorcists who take pride in their ghost-busting conquests. If you are wondering whether it all gets predictable at any point, there are very few scenes like that, but, they do not hinder your spooky experience.

However, no film comes without their fair share of flaws. Some scenes would surely come across as silly, and you will get the feeling that the relationship the two leads share hasn’t grown out of anything real. Also, the only song that they have throughout the film is terribly misplaced and it all ends with a tinge of unnecessary melodrama. But, to be fair, our bars aren’t all that high as far as Bollywood horror movies are concerned. So, you must not miss the film for these flaws at all.

If you’re willing to get goose bumped for real after overlooking a flaw here and there, you MUST go for it!

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