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MOVIE REVIEW: Paltan, A misfired missile launched by J.P Dutta


Written Review

MOVIE REVIEW: Paltan, A misfired missile launched by J.P Dutta

‘Paltan’, JP Dutta’s comeback film looks like a wannabe ‘Border’. An ensemble star-cast, emotional scenes, heroic deaths and over-the-top dialogues, JP Dutta tries too hard to stir up emotions but falls flat.

Here are reasons why you should NOT watch ‘Paltan’

1.Story and Screenplay

The film is based on the Nathu La and Cho La clashes on the Sikkim border after the Sino-India war in 1962. This could have easily been a good documentary. ‘Paltan’ is excruciatingly long and hopeless and the weak writing makes the film unbearable.


Arjun Rampal and Jackie Shroff have to take the burden on their shoulders to make this film slightly watchable. Siddhant Kapoor and Luv Sinha try too hard and are easily forgettable, whereas Gurmeet Choudhary, Sonu Sood and Harshvardhan Rane look all over the place with their fake accents and overblown emotional scenes.

3.Editing and music

‘Border’ had some iconic songs and the film although long didn’t feel boring. When it comes to ‘Paltan’, there are random zoom shots, jump cuts and forced songs. JP Dutta being a veteran when it comes to war-films should have waited for some more time and worked on every aspect of the film.

The only good thing about ‘Paltan’ is that it educates the viewers about the skirmish between the Indo-Sino soldiers, which was previously unknown to many. We salute the Indian soldiers who stand there and fight for us and also salute people who would spend money to buy tickets and watch this film.

We give it 1/5 stars.

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