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Maatr Movie Review: An unengaging and a passable phenomenon

Written Review

Maatr Movie Review: An unengaging and a passable phenomenon

Movie: Maatr

Cast: Raveena Tandon, Madhur Mittal, Alisha Khan

Director: Ashtar Sayyed

Writer: Michael Pellico

Production house: CDB Musical production

The much-awaited Raveena Tandon comeback film Maatr has finally started screening for the audience to watch, and we can’t help but express our disappointment that it brought along.

The story begins with Raveena Tandon in focus as Vidya Chauhan, a school teacher from Delhi. Vidya drives in late at the annual function of her daughter, Tia, soon after which they ride back home together. Vidya attempts to avoid the traffic jam by taking a less frequently used road, a decision which she is going to regret for the rest of the film.

Her car is hit by an another car which had been following them all along. In a matter of no time, a group of boys led by the CM’s son Apurva Malik(Madhur Mittal) gang-rapes the mother and the daughter. Eventually, the daughter dies and Vidya’s husband blames her for the mishap, which signifies the unfortunate reality of today. Soon, Vidya separates from her unsupportive prick of a husband. The officer on the case, Shroff (Anurag Arora), upon learning that the CM’s son was involved in the incident, attempts to wrap up the case on an immediate basis. Soon, Vidya, who has lost all faith in the law, takes it upon her to avenge the murder of her daughter by plotting a seemingly sinister plan for them.

Our opinion: Raveena Tandon attempts her best in putting up an engaging emotional performance, but, the attempt to maintain the strong emotional impact which was created at the beginning fails horribly as the story transitions into an unintelligent executed revenge drama with a lot of editing issues.

If you ever thought that you will have a yet another Pink-like experience, you will feel as cheated as us. And, you will certainly feel that Raveena Tandon deserved a much better script to utilize her immense potential as an artist.

A LOT of portions of the film seemed like were put in so that they could be the perfect impact creators, but we would like to say that the makers could have easily done away without that. The performance of the supporting cast is average at best.

Coming to the end, although there is a strong sense of satisfaction, the whole sequence seems too far stretched. You can let this movie pass by and not feel the regret that you never made it to the theatres for it.

Our Rating: 2.5 stars

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