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Jurassic World review: Watch it for the dinosaurs!

Jurrasic World

Written Review

Jurassic World review: Watch it for the dinosaurs!

Movie: Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom

Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum, B.D Wong, Justice Smith, Toby Jones

Director: J.A Bayona

Rating: 3/5

J.A Bayona’s Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom has finally hit theatres, and here, we had a lot to enjoy and relish. We had our familiar characters Owen and Claire, we have the sometimes adorable but most of the times furious dinosaurs who are looking into the eye of an extinction yet again and there are some familiar and new characters added to the mix. Until now, we believe, we have stated the obvious, so let’s tell you all as to what’s our take on the latest presentation.

There’s a sense of familiarity and nostalgia that comes attached to the characters of Owen and Claire (which were played to perfection by Chris and Bryce respectively) and when you’re walking into a Jurrasic World movie, you do want to see the side love story having an arc, but that’s where Jurrasic World is a let-down. Such moments that are supposed to create an arc for these human characters (If one would call it that) are very few and far in between. So, as far as they are concerned, the writing failed them.

But, the characters who really take the cake are its CGI-created dinosaurs, who have been given a lot to do and as a result they shine brighter than any of their predecessors. They are super-intelligent and as monstrous as they could get, which is perhaps the director’s way of showing what could happen if humans try to remote-control everything. And let us tell you, the result is not good!

On the other hand, as is customary with almost every franchise film, new characters get added to the roster and sometimes it’s a case of a blast from the past. Jurrasic World ticked on both of those checkboxes, but those who added or came back added little to the whole plot. Additionally, a commendable thing is that its director has used the world that Jurrasic World has been set in to its full potential and has posed some important questions, which we will let you to find out.

All in all, Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom is a fun watch indeed!

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