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Irada Movie Review: An example of quality cinema with minor setbacks

Written Review

Irada Movie Review: An example of quality cinema with minor setbacks

MOVIE REVIEW: Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi starrer Irada is a must-watch for every true cinema lover!

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Director: Arpanaa Singh

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Divya Dutta, Sharad KelkarSagarika Ghatge

Production House: Irada Entertainment, Prince Soni

Writer: Anushka Rajan

Irada is an Eco-thriller which tells the story of the on-going scenario of water contamination in Punjab, courtesy the major manufacturing corporations by the means of a fictional incident.

The case of a sudden explosion which happens in the factory of a business magnate (played by Sharad Kelkar), which lands in the hands of Inspector Arjun Mishra (Arshad Warsi). Connected to the case are Naseeruddin Shah, a retired army officer-cum-poet preparing his daughter for the Indian Air Force.

Movie Review: Although the movie genre is a first of its kind in India, the story line’s basic crux is not something which can be called original. (Something evil happens, the government is all in support of the evil, but at the end, good prevails over it all). But we give a standing ovation to its portrayal and story progression. Over and above that, Naseeruddin Shah and his equation with Warsi.

The manner in which Warsi’s and Naseeruddin Shah‘s story overlap has been shown in the best possible way. We are not too sure how Sagarika’s story (Spoiler alert! She hands him over some intelligence), managed to overlap with Arshad Warsi, a cop from a different state who has been posted in Punjab for the explosion case. Perhaps that could have used a little fine-tuning.

Sagarika Ghatge has done a wonderful job of showing strength and perseverance. She’s a prime example of the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

Another main character to root for is Divya Dutta, who plays the chief minister of Punjab. She is undoubtedly ready to go to any length to save her position and power in the state. She plays the perfect vixen. Divya Dutta, who has been well known for her family-woman type roles, will leave you with a feeling that Professor Doloris Umbridge leaves behind every time you watch a Harry Potter film. She takes on this multi-layered, anti-protagonist role and plays it like a professional.

Sharad Kelkar, well, just exists. It’s like he has been solely kept in the movie so that the filmmakers can put a face on the bad guy. Given his stature in the film, he should have had a larger-than-life villainous character. Sharad Kelkar fails to leave behind that sort of impression. His beginning and his fate is quite predictable.

All said and done, Irada has an unending string of indirect messages for the community, which comes pleasurably to the audience. Directorial debutant Aparnaa Singh has definitely made a film which will receive a round of applause to first-time Anushka Rajan for a spectacular first script.

Our Verdict: It surely has what it takes to be a success at the box office, but a little bit fine tuning here and there would have made it an even more captivating experience.

Rating: 3.5/5

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