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An Honest Review: Title Track of Wajah Tum Ho


An Honest Review: Title Track of Wajah Tum Ho

‘Wajah Tum Ho’, is the wajah we’re majorly cringing on this bright Thursday morning. This apparent ‘crime thriller’ recently released its official title track and all we’d like to say is – Put some clothes on, Sana and Gurmeet (or get a room)!

While we’re completely aware that nothing in this world sells better than sex, Wahaj Tum Ho’s title track only rides on that fact (Pun Intended). Sana Khan and Gurmeet Choudhary change multiple clothes, locations, romantic glances along with germs through saliva, throughout the entire music video. The song opens with a classic Bollywood shot of Sana in a deep red saree, dancing on the hill tops, when an equally sexy Gurmeet walks towards her, with all his masculinity in tow. A close up of the lips and some awkward aerobics later – these two jump straight to the R-rated bit.

Before we know it, sarees were replaced with lingerie for Sana and Gurmeet sporting his six-packs in sheer georgette shirts – the sleaze factor was strong with this one! Major make-out sessions were seen (Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani its time to reach for your scissors!), scarring soft porn scenes and sights that would make us want to chant 238 mantras in order to cleanse our soul.

Things you absolutely cannot miss in this video:

  • Sana’s obsession with Gurmeet’s abs – she makes out with his abs as much as she does with his face!
  • The lingerie + jeans combo – very chic yet sexy!
  • Gurmeet’s intense bike ride towards a very comfortable Sana chilling in the grass.

At least we know that only the masses who really love “crime thrillers/porn” are going to watch this on the big screen!

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