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Fanney Khan review: Sweet, emotional & FULL OF HEART!

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Atul Manjrekar’s Fanney Khan has finally made it to the silver screens after the makers of the same made us wait for it for tremendously long. The film, which is a remake of the Belgian dark comedy musical called Everybody’s Famous, the script of which has been tweaked and its end result is a feel-good musical which is touching and emotional at multiple places.

So, is this film worth your time? Here are five reasons why it is!

  • TERRIFIC performances by the lead cast!

Fanney Khan is front-lined by Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Pihu Sand. The first three of the four names that we just mentioned are in terrific form. Pihu may not exactly come across as likable in the start but she eventually makes up for it.

Fanney Khan

  • A MOVING story!

Fanney Khan is laced with many heart-touching moments which will make your eyes well up for sure. The story and plotline of the film may seem a little illogical to quite a few and certain scenes may come across as too melodramatic. But, if we talk about the whole package, Fanney Khan did work for us in spite of its imperfections.

Fanney khan

  • Situationally appropriate background scores!

The song sequences that are a part of the Fanney Khan jukebox arrive at appropriate intervals of the film, out of which our personal favorite is “Mere Acche Din Kab Aayenge”. Background scores by Tubby – Parik go well with the various moods of the film.

Fanney Khan

  • A LOT to learn!

As many would have deciphered from the promos itself, Fanney Khan is a film with many life lessons. Apart from the kind of teachings that we expected the film to give, we learned a whole lot more!

Fanney Khan

  • A visual DELIGHT!

One of the departments in which Fanney Khan is a winner is its cinematography. Shots that have been captured by S Tirru’s are quite effective. Ajay Vipin’s production design, however, is nothing great although it works in the house scenes of Fanney Khan.

Fanney Khan

So, here’s our take on the Atul Manjrekar directorial. Let us know what you thought on the film after you experience Fanney Khan’s journey yourself!

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