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Baaghi 2 review: a MEGA FEAST for all action lovers!

Baaghi 2

Written Review

Baaghi 2 review: a MEGA FEAST for all action lovers!

Movie: Baaghi 2

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda, Prateik Babbar, Manoj Bajpayee

Director: Ahmed Khan

Producers: Fox Star Studios/Sajid Nadiadwala

Rating: 4/5 Stars

It has been observed that of late, action films in Bollywood have upped their scale in terms of landscapes, ammunition, the number of collateral damages and of course, kicks, punches and somersaults along the way. And, here, the Tiger Shroff-starrer Baaghi 2 is a yet another example of that. But also, the film also emerges as an example of near-seamless execution, a convoluted story and an array of memorable characters apart from its lead. Let’s be honest, there are a few films where even the leading man is forgotten before you leave the theatre hall, but thankfully, or otherwise, Tiger Shroff’s Ronnie and Disha Patani’s Neha are going to stay in our hearts and minds for sure.

Director-Actor-Choreographer Ahmed Khan wastes no time in indulging into an exhausting love angle between the leads, but rather cuts to the chase by establishing his leading man, Tiger aka Ranveer Pratap Singh, a special ops officer with an unparalleled sense of nationalism (In the film, anyway. I’m sure that such guys do exist who hold the nation as close to their heart as the man in question). How is that done? Well, you will find out. He is the man who will save the Indian tricolor even if the whole building is reducing to ashes or respect the police officer’s cap, even if he has beaten the wearer into pulp. Tiger could clearly be seen in his element right from the start and that would stay the case until the very end. It was also a very pleasing thing to see that the man has clearly upped his emoting game as well, amongst many others. Disha Patani’s Neha, who is a damsel in distress in this film does not fail in any way to leave us feeling her grief and trauma. So, that does say a lot about her as an artist as well.

It may not be an easy thing for one to remember the supporting characters almost all the time, but you simply cannot forget them if they are essayed by the likes of Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda (Yes, him too!) and Deepak Dobriyal (expect no less from him). However, here, Prateik Babbar plays to the caricature of a Goa-based addict. He is loud, dramatic, crass (which really works at times) and tattooed. However, he had the physique to put up a decent duel against our man from the army here, but all we can do now is hope that his muscles find some use in the next film. But, all in all, the interesting casting choice for this film tells us that director Ahmed Khan knows what he wanted his film to be.

But, a film coming together is definitely not dependent solely on the actors and the director, and that’s why we would like to thank each and every one who has made Baaghi 2 a reality. It would not be fair to take a few names and miss out on others, as we feel that each and every one has contributed their all into getting is one masala-filled action spectacle to life!

A must watch by all accounts!

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