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Review: A Flying Jatt


Review: A Flying Jatt

Film: A Flying Jatt

Director: Remo D’souza

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones

Excerpts from reviews of A Flying Jatt:

Director Remo D’Souza and screenwriter Aakash Kaushik manage to situate their hero in a believable (if outrightly comic) local context, something that previous Hindi films in this genre have generally failed to do. A Flying Jatt is derivative, sloppily structured and, especially in its latter stages, tacky beyond belief. That it might also be the best Indian superhero film ever (barring Mr India, if that qualifies) is an indication of how low the bar is set.

-Uday Bhatia (

Instead of sticking to a neat action-crammed entertainer, Remo D’Souza and Co strive to pack in so many agendas in the plot that it becomes half-baked food for thought. Consider these: childish editorials on how to become eco-friendly (in a first, a quote from Remo sir, pops up on the screen) and how or why music is a great healer (a violin strum, it seems, can cure aches and pains). Mercilessly way over the top, A Flying Jatt extracts an equally OTT performance from Amrita Singh. Wait, do count your blessings. Tiger Shroff uses his eyes and low-key voice to transmit his moments of vulnerability, and works hard when it comes to conveying his physical rigour.The young actor is capable of much, much more. He’s good. The rest of A Flying Jatt ISN’T.

-Khalid Mohamed (

The poorly shot and edited sequences don’t do justice to Shroff’s nimble footwork, and the hodgepodge storytelling doesn’t let his character grow a shadow. Yet, Shroff’s gum-baring smile and enviable ability to perform splits and somersaults partially elevate the shabbily shot action scenes and chintzy visual effects, which belong to the Superman films from the 1970s. A Flying Jatt is clearly designed as a franchise in the making, and a sequel to Aman’s adventures on the ground and in the sky is probably already being scribbled on the back of a napkin. Aman has his mother to egg him on, the blessings of his god, and an undemanding and non-challenging woman by his side. Since he also has a healthy stash of Hollywood DVDs, it’s clear that this Indian superhero is set for a bright future.

-Nandini Ramnath (

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