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LITTLE THINGS 2: A heartfelt take on love, friendship and relationships!

Little Things 2


LITTLE THINGS 2: A heartfelt take on love, friendship and relationships!

We often see multiple takes on love, friendships and relationships being dumbed down to melodrama and predictability in Hindi Films. Thanks to this new rage called Netflix, filmmakers and writers can create and churn out different web-series that steer clear from the aforementioned cinematic tropes to gage a wider audience.  Little Things 2 is one such example. Here’s why it works:-

Story and Screenplay

The story is simple about simple people and simply told. Dhruv, played by Dhruv Vats, charmingly confesses he is an ordinary guy and he knows there are much better looking guys around. He also hilariously says his girlfriend, Kavya, played by Mithila Palkar, is ordinary too, and they are no Virat-Anushka. The series is all about discovering and rediscovering life and its pains and pleasures and of course, realities. And since it’s a web-series, the screenplay is watertight and smooth.


The best thing about Netflix is that you don’t have to bother what portions to keep and what portions to throw out! We get a few cuss words in the first episode and also two friends enjoying a smoke, and it was a pleasure to see this montage without that banal disclaimer. Given how realistically and charmingly the story of Kavya and Dhruv unfold, there’s hardly any moment that make you feel bored or restless.


Dhruv and Mithila are charming and effortless. They are not larger-than-life heroes, as Dhruv says- Koi Virat-Anushka thodi hain. They are real people, they feel like real people, and so do the situations they are surrounded by. And given how both the actors get into the skin of their respective characters, you feel for them and even root for them, even when they don’t do anything heroic. That’s what makes Little Things charming.

We give it 3 stars

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