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Is this why ZhuZhu is keeping away from Tubelight?


Is this why ZhuZhu is keeping away from Tubelight?

Be it the pre-release promotions or the success bashes of Tubelight, Chinese star ZhuZhu was nowhere to be seen, as Kabir Khan promised. During a recent pre-release Tubelight media interaction, where we got to see Salman’s newest friend Matin Ray Tangu (be sure to call his name right when you meet him, he hates it!), Kabir Khan stated that ZhuZhu had a bunch of commitments back home and hence couldn’t make it for promotions.

But, from what we hear, the story is a little different. Reportedly, the Chinese government has been skeptical about the manner in which the Sino-Indian war is depicted in the film, and hence the Bollywood debutant was asked to stay away from anything which has to do with her Bollywood debut film.

Does that mean that the chances of Tubelight’s China release are bleak?

For the uninitiated, Tubelight was going to be a yet another Bollywood flick to have a grand release in China and their selling point was the involvement of a popular Chinese star and the theme of the film. Will all of it just backfire?

Anyways, wanna know how the film is? Catch our Tubelight Review right here!

Whatever the case might be, be sure to catch it right here on Bollyworm!

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