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Will Irrfan Khan’s Blackमेल beat the unfunny comedy spell?

Irrfan Khan


Will Irrfan Khan’s Blackमेल beat the unfunny comedy spell?

Let’s just admit it. Barring a few genuinely funny comedy films in the past one year or so, such as Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium, Fukrey Returns and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety and a few others, a majority of films which have claimed to make us laugh until our brains fall off, did somewhat succeed in doing so. Although they did not genuinely make us laugh, we did sense that our minds voluntarily disconnected themselves because they were SO DONE looking for a joke that would be genuinely termed as funny and not be crass or juvenile at the same time.

Let’s give you a few examples of a few lines from a film or two without naming anyone of them, shall we?

Example 1: “Door se dekha toh Alia Bhatt, aur paas se dekha toh Mahesh Bhatt”. Seriously, if one cannot tell the difference between the two, they need an eye doctor immediately.

Example 2: “Paadna toh bade logo ka aashirwaad hota hai” I mean, seriously? What kind of blessings leads to burning of nose hair and the use of a perfume? Whoever came up with that dialogue had a smelly childhood for sure.

Example 3: “My darling Tulsi, you’re looking so juicy.”. Let us give you a hint of this film for whom the Shakespeare of cringe-worthy dialogues has penned this down. Whoever he was, his idea of a Masti is to cause blunders on a grand scale, and the things had only become greater from there!

Example 4: “Balatkar se yaad aaya, meri biwi kahaan hai?” – Here’s where the record-screeching sound came for us. How can this possibly be funny? How can women not have an urge to beat the writer into pulp with their bare hands? That guy’s time is surely up!

Example 5: “Don’t horny me.”We bet that Akshay Kumar would have wanted to voluntary turn deaf after hearing this in a fairly recent movie.

But now, comes the Irrfan Khan-starrer Blackmail, which has been stylised as Blackमेल. Are you wondering where are we placing this on the ranking board? First of all, the dialogues that are mentioned above don’t have a ranking. Second, we haven’t seen the film yet, so we can’t say for sure.

But, the Irrfan Khan-starrer does have a few brownie points already. First, it’s an IRRFAN KHAN FILM, and off late, we have developed a new sense of trust in him, as far as his taste in movies go.

Second, it is being helmed by the same guy who gave us a film that genuinely got us disgusted (which is VERY DIFFERENT from cringing) but also made us laugh our minds out, Abhinay Deo.

Third, just LOOK at the trailer yourself! You think that any of the films which had the aforementioned dialogues even remotely have a place in this film?

All in all, as of now, based on the track record that each and every one that is on board with Blackमेल, the film might be one of the BIGGEST winners in the dark and situational comedy space, after, well, perhaps Delhi Belly itself!

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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