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WHOA! Priyanka Chopra to chop her head off?

WHAT?! Is this the reason why Priyanka Chopra is ready to chop her head off?

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Priyanka Chopra is that one actress who never shies away from stepping into unknown territories. From regional cinema to Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra has tasted success wherever she has stepped foot. Now, from what we hear, makes us believe that PeeCee doesn’t mind being part of good cinema at all, even if it means she’s going to be BEHEADED at the end of it!

Confused? As per a source, Priyanka Chopra is keen on bringing to life the story of Hadi Rani, the audacious wife of Chundawat Chieftain of Salumbar, Mewar, who sacrifices her life to motivate her husband to fight a war.

It so happened that when the chieftain was called upon by his father, Maharana Raj Singh, to assist him in the battle against Aurangzeb, he was quite hesitant to wear the armor since he had been married to Hadi Rani for only a few days.

However, for the sake of his fathers’ honor, he agreed to join the force, but only if he receives a memento from Hadi Rani, which she gives in the form of her chopped off head.

This story in itself brings tears to our eyes. Imagine what it would be like on the silver screen!

But, will this project flesh out?

Stick to this space for the latest in Bollywood!

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