When Sridevi’s promise to Rani Mukerji could NOT be fulfilled!

Can we really express our grief when it comes to the untimely heaven-boarding of Mom star Sridevi? Well, probably not. First, 54 is no age to leave this planet. Second, had she been around, she would have given many leading actors of today a serious run for their money for sure, given that we had immense faith in her choice of movies and her ability to play any character like it’s a part of her own.

Speaking of movies, we just reported that one of the films that she had signed was the one that Karan Johar conceptualized and was ready to take it to the floors in a few months from now. The film would also have reportedly had Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan in the lead.

But, apart from this, Sridevi committed to one more thing before that ill-fated day, and that was watching Rani Mukerji’s upcoming film, Hichki.

As per reports, Rani revealed that just about 15-20 days before the tragedy struck the whole of Bollywood, Sridevi had frantically called Rani, who she was all praises for histrionics of Naina Mathur (Rani’s character in her upcoming film) and expressed that she would want to see the film ASAP!

But, looks like Sri will no longer see the film at least in her mortal form, and maybe just like a soul lingering in one of the theatres that would have a special screening of the film.

So, of course, Of course, Rani has met with a severe blow in the death of Sridevi. Miss Hawa Hawai was family to her; her association and bonding go back a long way. And yet another blow was: Sridevi left the world of living before seeing Hichki.

Destiny works in strange ways, don’t you think so?

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