When Sridevi fell SUPER ILL while shooting!

During the days when the late legend Sridevi was on an unending shooting rampage back in the 80’s and the 90’s, she had come to be known as the “turn off and turn on actress”, and rightly so! As per reports, the actress was the kind who stayed quiet when the cameras were not rolling but turned into an unstoppable force of nature the moment the director yelled action! With this, she ended up proving that no matter what, she was ready to give in her all, even if a fever was trying its best at stopping her from doing so!

So, in the memory of the late actress, who has been cremated by the time of this writing, here’s an example of her sheer dedication which eventually earned her the title of India’s first female superstar!

It so happened that during the days when the diva was shooting for the Sunny Deol-starrer ChalBaaz, she was supposed to shoot a taxing rain dance sequence for the cult track “Na jaane kaha se aayi hai”, but, as fate would have it, she was down with a 103-degree fever. But, being the true show woman that she was, she gave in her all, delivered the best of scenes and the shoot for that rain dance sequence concluded with applause for the diva’s commitment.

One would assume that after a day like that, she must have taken a day off, right? Turns out, that was NOT the case at all as Sridevi reported to the set on time the very next day in spite of the director willing to cancel shoot owing to her condition.

It is such a heart-breaking thing to see such a force of nature being claimed by destiny in the most tragic ways.

Her memory will live and be passed on forever!

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