When Shekhar Kapur didn’t want Sridevi to win the National Award!

While the entire fraternity and even her die-hard fans were elated and jubilant when late Sridevi won the National Award for Mom, there was one person who thought she shouldn’t have received the award posthumously. That person in question is none other than the jury head of the National Awards this year and the man who directed the evergreen diva in the cult classic Mr. India, Shekhar Kapur.

Speaking about the same, Kapur shared that, “The best actress is Sridevi for Mom and I promise you it is not my relationship with her. Every morning when I came here, I would ask everyone to vote once again. I would look at all the actors, talk about them and I would say, ‘there should be not Sridevi, not Sridevi’! We used take a vote and it always came back to Sridevi. It was me who fought that it shouldn’t be Sridevi. We are all emotionally involved with Sridevi. I used to say, ‘don’t give her an award because she died, it is unfair on the other girls. They have also worked hard for 10-12 years, they too have a career.

Just about yesterday, we had also given our take on how conferring this honor on the late actor seems to be more of a tribute than a genuine victory. During her formidable and glorious years in Indian Cinema, the National Award Jury never recognized her unparalleled talent and tenacity, and suddenly gave her the award after she’s no longer with us.

However, we would like to hear as to what do you think about it all? Let us know!

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