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When Bharat’s producer called Priyanka Chopra UNPROFESSIONAL!

Priyanka Chopra


When Bharat’s producer called Priyanka Chopra UNPROFESSIONAL!

From the very moment the director of the upcoming Salman Khan-starrer Bharat, Ali Abbas Zafar shared the heart-breaking news that Priyanka Chopra has dropped the part of the female lead in the under-production period drama, she has been making headlines like probably no one has before. What made her trend all the more across the board were the reports of her engagement with American pop sensation Nick Jonas, which is something that Ali also hinted at via this tweet:

Although we are as hear-broken as we are, our plight can possibly not match up to that of Salman Khan’s and the whole team that is responsible for bringing Bharat to life, given that PeeCee walked out of the film on the last minute!

A source close to the developments around Bharat, while calling out PeeCee for the reason she has given to drop the film, was quoted saying that, “The director, who is a close friend of Priyanka, doesn’t want any ugly controversy about Priyanka’s exit. So he’s making it sound like an amicable parting, which it is not. Salman is hardly going to be pacified by the marriage alibi. Considering, it was she (Priyanka) who wanted to be part of the project. And, now she’s had second thoughts because of marriage? Nonsense! If she was getting married, she’d have planned it for after shooting for Bharat. This is not small film and opting out of it more or less seals her plans for a Bollywood comeback.”

Also, quite recently, Nikhil Namit, CEO of Reel Life Productions, who is the co-producer of the period flick, was quoted by a leading news agency saying that, “It was a little unprofessional of her to do it so suddenly. Priyanka told us … she had to exit due to her engagement”

Only time will tell as to what will be the aftermath for PeeCee after this episode. Reportedly, Katrina Kaif will be roped in to fill in the shoes that PC left empty. So, get ready to see Salman and Kat once again!

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