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When Aamir Khan worked DRUNK!

Aamir Khan


When Aamir Khan worked DRUNK!

Aamir Khan is indeed Mr. Perfectionist and that is no secret at all. He has been known to go to any possible extent to portray a character as convincingly as possible and his recent line of films are just the proof of that.

However, admittedly, it was during Ghajini when Khan got the title of being a perfectionist. But, many are not at all aware that he was as dedicated as one can be from the day he set foot in the industry.

How do we know this? Well, whether you’re an Aamir Khan fan or not, there are pretty good chances that you must have watched Raja Hindustani, and would remember that one scene where Aamir, who had never drank even a drop of alcohol until then, was seen dancing and expressing his rage towards Karisma Kapoor under the influence of alcohol after he becomes subjected to a game. Turns out, the Aamir Khan you saw in that scene was actually DRUNK!

How do we know this? Well, the man spoke that out himself!

We got our hands on a fairly old interview in which he spoke about the drunk scene in particular, in which he was dancing to “Uff Kya Raat Aayi Hai”, by saying, “Well, what I did for that simply was… since I’m a teetotaller and until then I had never drunk, I decided to do that scene, you know, under the influence of alcohol. Well, I ended up drinking a bottle of vodka (giggles). I wasn’t acting well. I told my director, I said, ‘look I’m not confident of playing this scene and I don’t know what it’s like to be drunk and I’m quite sure I’ll mess it up. So let me actually consume alcohol, so that the physicality is taken care of, you know, the way my eyes move, the way the body language happens, a bit of a speech and I have to be with the emotion, and I have to know my lines. But I’ll get this external help which I can use. So that is why I did that.”

We wonder post that day if Aamir ever said to himself that, “Uff, kya raat aayi thi woh din!”

Well, that’s what you call dedication, right?

In the meanwhile, Khan is busy shooting for Thugs Of Hindostan, while his last release, Secret Superstar, is causing a RAGE at the Chinese box office!

Check out this tweet by Taran Adarsh right here:

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