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Was Shilpa Shetty in a relationship with Salman Khan? The actress answers!

Salman Khan is known to be a Ladies’ Man. He has dated a lot of women in his life. We know the names of most of them, however, little did we know that he was also allegedly in a relationship with Shilpa Shetty. Well, it’s not us who are saying this but some rumors suggest the same. The actress, who’s currently gearing up for her show Hear Me Love Me on Amazon Prime, spoke about the same.

We didn’t go out on a date as such. In those days, actors shared a great camaraderie. Salman is a very humble, loving and grounded human being. I remember, he would come to my house even at midnight sometimes, and by that time I’d already be asleep. Then Salman and my dad would sit down and drink a few pegs together. I remember, when my dad passed away, Salman came home, went straight to the bar table, laid his head down on it and cried,’ Shilpa stated.

Now that’s quite a revelation!

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