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Vidya Balan: I am very happy to join the CBFC


Vidya Balan: I am very happy to join the CBFC

The weekend gone by started on a very good note as our very own doodh se dhule Pahalaj Nihalani was replaced by the eminent writer and ad guru Prasoon Joshi as the chief of CBFC. Apart from that, there has also been a very exciting change to the list of members of the certification board and that has been the addition of Vidya Balan!

Talking about her newest stint, Vidya tweeted “I am very happy to join the CBFC and I hope to fulfill my responsibilities as a member to the best of my abilities. I look forward to this new and exciting phase where our cinema will be allowed to reflect the sensibilities, realities, and complexities of the society we are living in today.”

Well, we now see a ray of hope for some really good days coming our way.

On being appointed as the chief of the board, Prasoon Joshi said “I believe in taking on responsibilities. The way I have fulfilled other responsibilities, I will give my best to this new task as well. I am happy that people have expectations from me and I deeply respect the film industry.”

To which, he added “I first need to understand the role and responsibility. I do understand it in a short form but I need to know completely what the processes are especially. With good intent, I would like to make as much difference as I can.”

Good days might be ahead fellas, brace yourselves!

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