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Is Varun Dhawan’s Rajkumar Hirani film BACK ON TRACK?

Varun Dhawan


Is Varun Dhawan’s Rajkumar Hirani film BACK ON TRACK?

Sure, Rajkumar Hirani had quite recently denied signing Varun Dhawan for a film, which was a piece of news that we were amongst the first ones to get you. But, to revisit that old piece of news, we had mentioned that the film was going to belong to a genre that Hirani knows best: That of a social comedy.

In response, Hirani, while responding to this news, reacted by saying, “There is such thing I keep getting to know about all this through the press.

If you see, Hirani simply dodged the question but did not really deny it.

Now, after we had almost convinced ourselves about the fact there still might be time for the two to collaborate, a new set of reports suggest that Dhawan could pretty soon get on board with the crew of a film that will be directed by, you guessed it, Rajkumar Hirani.

As per the new reports, Hirani has already written the script of a film and had been considering Dhawan for the part of the leading man for the longest time. In fact, the reports also say that the two have had multiple meetings and now have finally decided to collaborate. Also, now that the script is ready and the Dutt biopic has also been wrapped up, he wants to begin shooting soon, which, according to Hirani, is somewhere at the end of this year.

Now, we don’t really know for sure if this film is going to be his solo production or not, as per what we had reported earlier, but guess we will know that bit probably after the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Dutt biopic is out of its post-production stage and is in theatres.

But guess, if a film is on cards, this is as much as we are going to know about it. But, we clearly can’t wait for an official announcement.

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