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This Is Why Hollywood Should Take Jamie Dornan Seriously

Jamie Dornan


This Is Why Hollywood Should Take Jamie Dornan Seriously

That’s right, Hollywood needs to take into account the raw acting skills Jamie Dornan has to offer. While the whole world has set their eyes on Rosamund Pike’s excellent performance in The Private War, it is Jamie Dornan’s compelling presentation that makes him the unsung hero of the movie. In case you’re wondering, the Hollywood actor plays the role of Marie Colvin’s photographer, Paul Conroy.

The Private War is, by definition, an overwhelming and revolutionary movie that has come out since Pearl Harbor. In a world where ingenious and honest journalism is under threat, a movie such as The Private War is beyond timely. If you’ve watched the movie, you’d agree on the fact that Rosamund Pike’s transformative performance as one of the world’s celebrated war journalists, Marie Colvin, deserves the right attention. However, her recalcitrant spirit in the movie is complemented by Jamie Dornan’s voice.

The world might identify Jamie as ‘Christian Grey’ from the Fifty Shades movie series, but his persuasive and down-to-earth performance in The Private War makes him an equal contender for the Oscars. His character is entirely constructed from a person who has gone through a lot of trauma in the war fields. To be able to mirror such a harrowing experience takes not only rare skills but also true passion. You cannot be swept away by his impeccable charm.

We just hope that he has attracted the attention of the Academy and to see him win will be the perfect way to celebrate his life-changing journey in Hollywood.

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