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This Is How Gerard Butler Prepared For His Role In Hunter Killer!

Hunter Killer


This Is How Gerard Butler Prepared For His Role In Hunter Killer!

Gerard Butler has always been seen as this actor who has this voice which always inspired many people to do the right thing in life. His character as King Leonidas in 300 was much talked about and post the success of 300 he was largely seen doing many action movies.

His upcoming movie Hunter Killer is a submarine thriller which will see Gerard playing the role of Commander Joe Glass. The plot of the movie is that a Russian President is captured by his own Defence minister on a northern marine base and a U.S submarine under the command of Commander Joe Glass is sent into Russian waters to save the president and avoid sparking World War 3.

Now for the role of Commander Joe Glass, Gerard Butler had to get into the skin of the character and this is how he prepared for it. This is what he had to say at a recent press conference.

1. Did Man Overboard Training Drill

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but when you are doing a man overboard, rather than putting a man overboard, they throw a bag of popcorn into the water,” Butler said. “Then you spend the next — you have four minutes, because if you are in cold water, he’s not going to make it, and neither is the popcorn — because, actually, the bag breaks open. So you spend the next four minutes maneuvering an 8,000-ton sub to try and get next to the popcorn so somebody can jump in and rescue it.”

2. He Slept In The Executive Officer’s Quarters

He said he slept in the same room as the XO, he also added “When He was working, I was sleeping and vice-versa. There was two bunks in the room. Director Donovan Marsh got to sleep in the crew’s quarters.”

3. He Spent 3 Days Underwater

“Basically, while we were down there we drilled pretty much all of the sequences that we would do in the movies. So we had battle stations. We had dives. We had quick surfaces, we had fire drills and it gave us a lot of ideas.”

Hunter Killer is directed by Donovan Marsh and it also stars Gary Oldman and Linda Cardellini. The movie is all set to release on October 26th in India.

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