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Things are just warming up: Victor Mukherjee, Director of Babbar Ka Tabbar!

Babbar Ka Tabbar


Things are just warming up: Victor Mukherjee, Director of Babbar Ka Tabbar!

Victor Mukherjee’s promising new web series, titled Babbar Ta Tabbar is now available on ZEE5 for streaming. Here, in a heart-to-heart conversation with the master helmer of Babbar Ka Tabber, he has opened up about his how, his previous milestones, the road ahead and a lot more!

Take a look at what Mr. Victor Mukherjee had to say right here:

Congratulations on Babbar Ka Tabber. This is your second production. Tell us how this show and how it fell into place.

The show is about a weird Delhi-based family where the parents want to be cool with the kids and the kids try to escape from that situation. And the liaison between the two generations is the tenant who hasn’t paid rent for quite some time now. When Zee 5 was looking for a new generation family comedy, we pitched a few and they liked this. Since then it has gone through many changes and finally in November we locked the final story.

Mango People’s first show Love Lust Confusion happened just a few months back. And it received some great traction. Comment?

LLC has done really good. It’s a millennial story inspired by the life of a real person. It has to appeal to the millennials, right? People fell in love with the no-nonsense honest portrayal of the characters and the real zone that it was in. We are really happy that it did well

Does it get taxing when you are directing a show that your company is producing as well. Or is that taking care of entirely by your partner Neha Anand?

It totally does. We generally divide the work, but when I am directing, Neha looks after most of the producing bit as otherwise it gets really hectic to focus on both.

Two shows in quick succession is pretty impressive by any standards for a boutique production house like yours. What is the way forward for Mango People Media?

The way forward is to do more shows, but at the same time keep the quality intact. The plan is to approach more platforms and do different type of shows, different genre of shows. Want to start working on our own Youtube channel. A few of our short films were well appreciated last year and made some buzz. We would want to build on those

You also direct outside your company. You directed a show for Freemantle some time back. Are there more such plans.

If there’s an interesting show, why not? The more shows I do, I get better, right? And with every new show I learn more things. So yes, I will do whenever there is an interesting show. Right now, I am heading a chat show called Famously Filmfare for seven regional languages.

Finally, how do you see the OTT marketing and content developing in the next couple of years with bigger production houses looking at space apart from their TV ventures?

The big production houses are already there and the OTT platforms are bigger than what we think it is. And it’s just the beginning.

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