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Sunny Leone talks all things Fashion at the NYFW


Sunny Leone talks all things Fashion at the NYFW

Sunny Leone was at her outspoken best as she walked the ramp for the New York Fashion Week on the 8th of September in an Archana Kochhar outfit.

During an interview just before walking the ramp, Sunny said she lives by and believes in wearing what makes her feel great, she even mentioned that living in India, she has learned to wear more colour.

When Sunny was asked about a fashion trend, she wishes to see in India, her reply was, “I wish in India women have the liberty to wear what they want at any time without being ridiculed. That’s the real trend that should start”. Being a fashion icon herself, she was asked what fashion advice would she like to give young girls and pat came her reply, “Wear clothes that fit you properly, not too tight and not too loose. Don’t be ashamed of your body but embrace it. All your clothing will look amazing when you have confidence”.

Sunny explained that walking the ramp was a crazy thought because it takes so much time to get ready for a ramp walk, but the walk is over in less than a minute. She had mentioned that her favourite place to shop was Los angles rather than India and that she loved Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Sunny showed her loyalties to her designer Archana Kochchar by saying, “Archana and I have known each other for a few years now and our relationship as friends have grown more as time has gone by. I love her designs because it goes from traditional Indian wear to couture gowns and amazing numbers for any occasion. She is also one of the few designers that support the “Make in India” campaign. She makes silk without killing the silkworm. I believe in saving lives no matter how big or as tiny as a silk worm. Archana is an inspiration to all!” Sunny had even mentioned that Archana was her favourite designer and that she was looking forward to her collection the most.

She even mentioned that she still could not believe that she was being asked to walk the ramp at the NYFW and that it was every actress/models dream to do so.

About her own personal style, she said that she now prefers wearing more simple pieces than the big logo of the brands and that now she is more particular about fabrics than ever.

Speaking about trends, Sunny said she loved the suede thigh high boots but could not wear them in India due to the heat, she mentioned that she was even fond of crop tops and vintage hats. She wished that Crocs and uggs go away forever and that the worst beauty trend she ever tried was blue eye shadows.

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