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Sunaina Roshan published the next chapter of her blog, Zindagi


Sunaina Roshan published the next chapter of her blog, Zindagi

Sunaina Roshan has been through a broken marriage, battled depression, diabetes and hypertension, undergone bariatric surgery, sought psychiatric help and survived cervical cancer. And through it all, she’s come out strong and smiling, with a willingness to share her experiences through a blog ‘Zindagi’,  whose chapter 2 ‘The TBM Chapter of My Life’ has been published today.
She recently wrote this  part of her blog where she talks about the time she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis Meningitis and how that changed her life. Sunaina mentions  how week she once was with TBM that she wasn’t allowed to meet anyone, not even her daughter.

She writes, ” I was frail, weak and fragile with very low immunity. That was one of the reasons that for about first 10 days no one was allowed to meet me except my parents and brother, even my daughter was not permitted, as there was a high possibility of me catching infection.”.

Earlier, Sunaina shared the introduction to her blog and the first chapter was about her mom, Pinky Roshan where she has spoken at length about the bond that she shares with her darling mom and thanked her family for being a  steady support in her life.Sunaina started writing after earlier this year she was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection and was confined to bed rest. It was then when the brave heart realized the importance of family in her life. Sunaina now believes that it is only your core family that actually stands by you. The blog was started with th intention to inspire others and we are sure that it will others to reach milestones that they are destined to.
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