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SRK feels shy to discuss sex with his children!


SRK feels shy to discuss sex with his children!

Shah Rukh Khan might come across as the coolest father ever but even he feels a little awkward while discussing sex with his children! The star has romanced innumerable actresses on screen and has even performed intimate scenes. However, he hesitates to bring up the topic of sex while talking to his children. In a tell-all interview to a leading tabloid, SRK confessed his inability to impart sex education to Aryan and Suhana, even though he is not ready to call it a drawback.

SRK said, “My mother gave me sex education classes. For me it’s the other way, do I sit with my kids down and talk to them? No, I am extremely friendly with my children and if I am not being too presumptuous, I think it’s because of the relationship that I share with my father. Also, I am personally very shy, so I may not be able to educate my children about sex, so I don’t bring that up. Sometimes while watching films together, I feel that they are perhaps a little more educated about it than I am. Maybe, I should take a little class from them.”

SRK is someone who is known for his quick wit and intellect and we have never seen him shy away from anything. Now we know that there is something which is capable of making Shah Rukh Khan nervous!

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