SRK fails to understand his own film ‘Dear Zindagi’!

SRK fails to understand his own film ‘Dear Zindagi’!

Working with new age directors is a mystery for SRK but the superstar is managing to do a great job with every role. The 51-year-old actor was hailed for his film ‘Dear Zindagi’ with Alia Bhatt and was happy to get associated with issue that trouble today’s youth, even if he cannot understand it completely.

In a recent interview, SRK said, “I may not be able to convince you with my love story at my age and stage, but I come from a different world. I work with new directors but I don’t understand the beauty of it. To be honest, I understand the essence, I understand the empowerment of women, and I understand the issues about young girl. For instance, I didn’t understand Dear Zindagi‘. But they (makers) knew it. This is very essential. But I was out of touch with that part because for me to participate in films like this even if I don’t understand it… At least I am part of it.”

We all know that ‘Raees’ is flying high at the B.O. and SRK says, “I keep telling people that it’s time to have conversations. Let’s not take a side… Don’t just be ‘I think, what do you think?’ For a moment, can we all have conversations without thinking?”

Furthermore emphasizing on the topic of debates he added, “If I was to look back at Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge‘ or ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ in today’s time, then you guys might just be picking out the rightness in everything… People might say ‘He is just a sneaky guy. He just lied to all the family. Will you marry a lair like Raj? I think the next step is going to be once we have debated everything, is to accept what it is. I think the reason for debate mainly is because there are debatable issues. We curbed ourselves for a very long time, now it’s time to come out in open,”

SRK is right about the herd mentality and it’s about time we listened to our fav superstar!

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