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Sridevi’s uncle Venugopal Reddy OPENS UP on her private life!



Sridevi’s uncle Venugopal Reddy OPENS UP on her private life!

Sridevi’s passing is something that, just like in the case of her daughter Janhvi, has left a gnawing emptiness in us and the whole of Indian film fraternity. However, as the news of her untimely death surfaced, infuriating rumors of her passing being a conspiracy of sorts began making rounds, and, just like many out there, we too were left with our blood boiling.

Speaking of the same, a disturbed Boney Kapoor had clarified that what he and his late wife had was nothing short of a perfect marriage.

However, if these statements of Venugopal Reddy, who happens to be the uncle of the late actress are to go by, Sri and Boney’s marriage was anything but that.

But, keep in mind that by bringing this news to you all, we do not want to start any form of controversy but just state what has been said, which might help you get some insight into the private life of the actress, if there is any truth to these statements.

Speaking of Sri’s last moments on this planet, Mr. Reddy shared, “What we knew was Boney Kapoor lost a lot of money in few films and they sold Sridevi’s properties to make up for the losses. And Sridevi always had that pain in her heart. Sridevi lived in pain and passed away with a lot of pain in her heart. She was not at peace. She wore a smile on her face for the world but she went through a lot inside her.”


Speaking of how the finances were like for the couple, he added, “Boney produced a film which never saw the light of the day, and they were financially going through a tough phase. Sridevi sold her properties and cleared those debts to get life back on track. And that was the main reason why Sridevi got back to acting in films.”


Back in the day during Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum, Boney spoke about how his marriage with Sri came about to be. In which, he said that Sri’s mother was more than happy to see her daughter and the producer be married, but Reddy has a different story to tell altogether.

He says,  “Actually, Sridevi’s mother did not like her getting married to Boney Kapoor. Her mother didn’t treat him properly on a couple of occasions when he had come home. But Boney Kapoor and Sridevi wanted to get married. Sridevi’s mother did discuss that with all of us. But eventually they did get married.”

Speaking of certain surgeries that the actress had, he added, “Yes. she did get a couple of surgeries done on her nose. She traveled to the US and got the surgeries done on her nose since she wanted it to look good. We got to know this when we casually asked about her well-being while speaking to her mother over the phone.”


Reddy also shared that things got a little bit too complicated in the woman’s personal life by saying, “When her mother was operated on in the US, the doctors performed the surgery on the wrong side of her brain because of which she was totally bedridden. She was alive but not in her senses. She had become just an object. After the family got to know about the surgery, they filed a case against the hospital and Boney Kapoor was along with Sridevi during this process. And court penalised the hospital, and sisters, Sridevi and Srilatha had a few differences in the allocation of that amount which was later cleared by the family members. And besides a share in this compensation, Sridevi used to send a lot of money to her sister Srilatha and they were fine.”

Speaking of the legend’s early life, most of which was spent on film sets, she said, “Sridevi is from a middle-class family and her mother faced a lot of struggles to get her into movies. Her mother took a lot of care of Sridevi’s food, clothing and other things. And Sridevi too was obedient to her mom. Sridevi hasn’t had any formal education. When she got into films and was living in Chennai, a teacher used to come home and teach her.”

Speaking of her equation with Arjun Kapoor, a topic which never really died down, she said, “Sridevi did mention to few of her relatives that she faced few challenges with Arjun Kapoor, but I’m not too sure about it. When few of our relatives paid a visit to Sridevi, during their conversation she did mention that she was worried about daughters Janhvi and Khushi, about their future. Sridevi also mentioned that Boney wasn’t well and that his health was a bit worrying.”


Whoa! Now those are some revelations, right?

Stick to this space for the latest in Bollywood!

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