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Sridevi death was not by drowning but a well-planned murder?



Sridevi death was not by drowning but a well-planned murder?

The death of Sridevi sent shockwaves across the globe. Millions of her well-wishers, friends and fans could not believe it that she had passed away.

We all know that she had drowned and lost her life in Dubai when was attending a family wedding.

Now reports in the media are circulating that an ex-police officer is claiming that the death was not by drowning but a very well planned murder.

According to the reports the police officer said, “It is very easy to force someone to get drowned in a bathtub until the breathing stops and this leaves no evidence too. Sridevi’s murder has been well planned and it is projected as an accidental death.”

Talking about the forensic reports presented by Dubai Police, he said, “With all respect towards Dubai law, we were not satisfied with their report on Sridevi’s death. We wanted to know what happened exactly.”

The police officer is still investigating the case.

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