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Sona Mohapatra gets into a Twitter brawl with Sonakshi Sinha


Sona Mohapatra gets into a Twitter brawl with Sonakshi Sinha


We live in an age where the line between actors and singers is blurring with each passing day. Actors are exploring their potential as musicians and vocalists and vice-versa.

Sonakshi Sinha is one such example, as just some days back Sinha Jr. had reportedly been selected for the opening act of the Justin Bieber’s first ever tour to India, which in no matter of time turned into a hot and steamy debate which you will find here. This conversation has given something for every news portal to write about for as long as it lasted.

The dust hadn’t even settled yet, and YET another singer, Sona Mohapatra, jumped into this debate. She left a few comments on Sonakshi’s Twitter handle for her to read, the screenshot of which you will find below:

But in response, choosing to not take the matter forward, chose to show her disinterest by blocking her. Yes, Sona Mohapatra made it to Sonakshi Sinha’s block list!

Now, there are a lot of ways where this could be interpreted. Is the whole singers vs actors debate going to take a whole new turn?

Watch this space for further developments on this story. This might just get interesting.

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