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Shekhar Suman’s ‘Cocained Girl’ comment, a dig at Kangana Ranaut?


Shekhar Suman’s ‘Cocained Girl’ comment, a dig at Kangana Ranaut?

Shekhar Suman is currently tied up with the shooting of his upcoming next ‘Bhoomi’ with Sanjay Dutt. But recently the actor took out some time and tweeted making a sly comment on Kangana‘s recent film Rangoon which didn’t cash in numbers at the box-office.


Everyone is aware of the bad blood between Shekhar and Kangana Ranaut after her breakup with Adhyayan Suman. The actors opted to wash their dirty linen in public and lots of statements were given. He even accused Kangana during Hrithik Roshan episode saying, “I called family’s pandit ji and they confirmed that Adhyayan was hypnotized. From his eyes, it seemed either he was a drugged or was under the influence of someone. Kangana took Adhyayan to Filmfare awards, but Adhyayan was falling back 15 feet from Kangana as though he was some bodyguard to her. She was giving interviews and he was standing behind her. I felt so horrible for my son; I must have died a thousand deaths. She didn’t even look at him. Eventually, when she went on stage she thanked everyone except Adhyayan”

Later, Sr. Suman tried covering up by tweeting…


We guess some wounds never heal.

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