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SRK redefines wit in #AskSRK with B-Town celebs!


SRK redefines wit in #AskSRK with B-Town celebs!

Shah Rukh Khan is not only romantic but also extremely witty! The man can outsmart anybody and everybody in a battle of wits. A leading daily did an #AskSRK session with Bollywood celebs and the superstar just nailed it! In the session, B-Towners were given an opportunity to ask him questions and SRK replied them in his unique way!

  1. “Dear Shah Rukh, When was the last time you scrubbed your lips with strawberries? Love, Deepika”


  1. “Dear Shah Rukh, Since you love blacks, blues and whites so much, would you ever wear any other colour besides that? Love, Kajol”


  1. “Dear Shah Rukh aka Jug, Apart from a lion, if you had to pick an animal, which one would you choose and why? Love, Alia”


  1. “Dear Shah Rukh, You are naturally a great speaker. When you speak, do you think people hear you or listen to you? Love, Sajid”



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