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SAY WHAT?! Vir Das goes the Shah Rukh Khan way!

Vir Das


SAY WHAT?! Vir Das goes the Shah Rukh Khan way!

Vir Das has enthralled his audience time and again since the day he has stepped foot into the Entertainment industry. His legendary sarcasm, wit, and comic timing is known by one and all, and him having his very own Netflix special is the greatest proof of that.

And now, if you’re ever lucky enough to meet the man, you might as well want to address him as Dr. Vir Das!

And NO! Neither is this some joke nor he’s trying to go the mainstream Indian television comic show way, but Das, who is currently gearing up for his finale act in Delhi of the Boarding Das world tour, has been honoured with a doctorate for his incredible achievements in the world of performing arts.

For the uninitiated, Vir Das has studied from Knox in Galesburg, Illinois, and, it is this very university that has conferred him with the prestigious title of Dr. Vir Das by his ex-university, which is a rare feat to achieve for any artist. There have only been certain distinguished Indian personalities such as Shah Rukh Khan and other handful people have been able to add the coveted title to their name.

He is known for bringing an American style to topics rooted in contemporary Indian culture. The ceremony is scheduled to take place in June 2018. Vir also becomes the first alumnus since 1971 to serve as a commencement speaker for their annual commencement ceremony. In the past, the list of speakers include the likes of ex-President Barrack Obama and actress Eva Longoria.

Speaking about this honour, Vir says, “Knox was this wonderful place that catered to kids like me who couldn’t otherwise afford to study in the US. They had an amazing faculty that made me love performing. They took an economics student and turned him into an actor and comedian. I’m not sure I’m even remotely deserving of this honour. They’ve had speakers like Obama and Clinton and I’m not sure what comparative wisdom I’m going to have to offer. But I’m gonna work hard to let the students know that there is a world of choices available to them if they just step out of their box. That’s what Knox did for me. It’s a cool full circle moment in life. And an honorary doctorate is fun. The wife is already calling me ‘Honorary Dr Das’ “

Well, Kudos Vir ji!

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